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Back Pain

Back pain affects a large portion of our society.

Neck Pain

Many types of neck pain can be treated and fixed by a Chiropractor.

Auto Accidents

Injuries and pain from car collisions affect a large portion of our society.


Headaches are more common that one might believe. If you are suffering from headaches, try a natural solution like chiropractic.


Sciatica can interrupt your daily life, and make it very difficult to function.

Work Injuries

Have you encountered a work injury? Looking for help to resolve it? Try chiropractic treatment.

Disc Pain

Disc pain can be a very difficult issue. Chiropractors are experts in this type of pain, and provide the best remedy.

Pinched Nerve

Henderson Chiropractor, Dr. Roles, can treat your pinched nerves successfully.


Are you new to chiropractic care? You've chosen the right place to find out more!

Chiropractor Henderson

Green Valley Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Henderson, Nevada

Excellent Chiropractor Henderson Care at Green Valley Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Chiropractor Henderson care has been around for over a hundred years and it involves more than just the back. Here at Green Valley Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we take great prides in adjusting the spine without twisting, cracking or popping, since we use advanced computer technology for Chiropractor Henderson treatment in the form of the Pro-Adjuster, which was once used aboard the NASA space shuttle. This means that not only will you be treated to a more comfortable experience, you can rest assured that all of your chiropractic needs are being addressed.

Our Chiropractor Henderson office is located at 2720 Green Valley Parkway in the Green Valley Plaza, which is located in Henderson, the second largest city in Nevada. Call today at (702) 451-0480 so we can answer any questions that you have and to set an appointment.

Dr. Roles, Chiropractor Henderson, the Leader of Green Valley Chiropractic.

Dr. Roles, Chiropractor Henderson is the leader of Green Valley Chiropractic & Wellness Center. He is a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist and Clinical Nutritionist and he graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1981. For the past thirty years, he has helped to address the chiropractic needs of his Chiropractor Henderson patients and further their overall health and wellness. He is also knowledgeable in balancing the hormones naturally by testing the saliva, urine, hair and blood and create a unique solution for his patient.

Our Chiropractor Henderson Offer to You

Green Valley Chiropractic & Wellness Center has worked with patients of all ages and physical conditions.  In order to better understand your own requirements, we offer the first consultation free of charge! In this visit, we will sit you down, ask any relevant questions and show you how Chiropractor Henderson care can help you.

As we learn more about you, we will begin to construct a personalized plan to help you with your needs. We see you as a whole person, not a bunch of parts working together. Problems may not be restricted to one area, or they may be the result of a problem in another area, so it is important to treat the body as a whole. Our chiropractors will then be able to make sure that their solution will actually help and see what care that you require.

As part of our solution, our chiropractors will teach you unique exercises that are designed to help strengthen and correct any problems you may have.  These exercises can be performed at home and can do much to improve spinal alignment. The relief you acquire from this and from the visits can relieve discomfort from a herniated disc, bulging discs or any other types of discs or spinal problems. We also work to treat discomfort the muscles, whether it is the result of a sprain, ache or any other type of problem. Last but not least, we also treat pain located in the neck, shoulders, legs, feet, upper back or lower back and we can help with your orthopedic needs, or any problems relating to the ankles or feet.

We provide pain relief, whether it is the result of whiplash, neck pain or sciatica. Our chiropractors can relieve headaches, whether they are cluster headaches or migraines and our chiropractors also provide relief for the following: asthma, digestive or intestinal problems, breathing issues, high or low blood pressure, then our chiropractors can help.

Our chiropractors also are committed to helping you raise healthy families. We provide advice to those suffering from infertility, loss of male dominance, PMS, pregnancy care, hormone replacement therapy, as well as providing care to children. Green Valley Chiropractor can also help with weight management, stress relief, depression, cellulite or body fat reduction, addictions, stress, or your general well-being. If you or your children have received any type of sports injury, or are suffering from asthma, breathing issues, allergies, lung problems or sleep issues, then our chiropractors can help as well.

We also offer functional training, fitness, rehab, weight lifting equipment, as well as lifestyle coaching and manual adjusting.  Best of all, we provide massage therapy, motion palpation and the very best massage chairs. At Green Valley, Chiropractor Henderson, we have X-rays, lower back supports, custom herbal tonics and medi-herb botanicals.

Our Chiropractor Henderson Gives Unique Solutions!

Dr. Roles, Chiropractor Henderson, has been in the field of Chiropractor Henderson for about twenty six years. He and Green Valley Chiropractic will ensure that any problems you are experiencing are addressed and cleared up as soon as possible. Remember, we offer a free consultation as part of your first visit, so stop by today.

Call today at (702) 451-0480 to schedule for your FREE Chiropractor Henderson consultation!

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